CosmoFarma 2023: Ikigai Beauty vince il premio come migliore start-up nel settore dermocosmesi CosmoFarma 2023: Ikigai Beauty vince il premio come migliore start-up nel settore dermocosmesi

    J-Beauty RITUAL: give beauty a rhythm

    In Japanese culture, taking care of one’s skin is equivalent to taking care of oneself. Every gesture of attention that we offer to our body turns into well-being and this in turn into positive energy. For J-Beauty, therefore, the time we allow ourselves is time that flourishes and turns into balance and harmony that involves the senses.

    This search for a circular aesthetic universe, in which the inside is the outside and vice versa, is not limited to an idea of static beauty but introduces a dynamic concept of beauty that confronts the world, engages with it and stimulates it.

    If J-Beauty has a caress as its starting point and the union of body and mind as its point of arrival, it expresses between the two a ritual made up of simple gestures, marked over time with the use of products that are the result of research and cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients of the Japanese tradition: Uji green tea, Matatabi kiwi, Eijitsu multiflora rose, Ume apricot, rice, seaweed, camellia oil, bamboo, silk, which in addition to nourishment, give an unparalleled sensory experience.

    A linear, daily routine that includes several steps, from cleansing, to the application of serum and cream, massaging the face up to the eyes and around the lips. And if natural ingredients are the foundation of this newfound beauty, the key word is kindness. Kindness towards your skin, towards your skincare products, for a soft approach aimed at obtaining a fresh and natural look.

    An almost sacred skin care ritual. A time due, deserved, all yours. Because the J-Beauty strategy is long-term and its belief has always been to prevent the signs of aging.

    Each season has its own beauty and each beauty four seasons to experience. Repeat 3 times well done.