Silky Routine Box

    For young skin

    €135,00 €121,50

    To rejuvenate your face, keep it fresh by restoring elasticity and tone to the skin, and to bring the essence of beauty to your day, this line of skincare products is perfect. Delicate, and effective, it leads you by the hand in just two steps, morning and evening, to shine brightly through your life. The time you dedicate to yourself will be time regained. Kindness: use each product with care and delicacy by massaging the face with circular movements. Follow the moisturizing routine using the products in succession consistently.

    Yours Silky Routine Box contains: 1 Cleanser, 1 Micellar Water, 1 Hydra Cream, 1 Hydra Serum.


    In Italia la spedizione è gratuita per importi superiori ai 65 €, mentre ammonta a  7 € per importi di spesa inferiori. Il tempo medio di consegna è di 2 giorni per l'intera penisola, eccetto per Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Puglia, Sardegna e Sicilia, dove la consegna richiede in media un giorno aggiuntivo. Il nostro partner logistico è DHL, il quale offre il servizio On Demand Delivery: dopo l’acquisto potrete personalizzare la consegna in base alle vostre esigenze, per pianificare dove e quando ricevere la merce.

    Massage 1 / morning and evening

    Using two cotton pads with a few drops of micellar water gently wipe the face, then rinse with warm water.

    Massage 2 / morning and evening

    Put the cleanser onto a sponge, or better, on the palms of your hands, and hold them together to warm them and you will improve its scent and penetration. Press your face lightly and slowly with your hands and let the ingredients settle on the skin including massaging the back of the ears. Then, rinse your face with warm water.

    Massaggio 3 / morning

    Once you have used the micellar water, put the cream on and massage with circular movements in the same way as described in the morning cleansing.

    Massaggio 4 / evening

    Lightly apply the serum delicately around the eye contour and “tap” with your fingers. Then extend the treatment to the cheeks.